All About Monroe Canine: Dog One of the MC Quad

May 5th, 2011 - The first day we were allowed access to evaluate the 4 dogs at Monroe County Animal Control. The dogs had been there since the beginning of March. We gave them basic vaccines and flea preventatives, assessed their overall condition, etc. The dogs were in in flimsy temporary kennels, about an inch separating each kennel from the next. We never saw any aggression between the dogs.

Evaluations by Joanie Wazney, Director of Operations, Buster Foundation. Assisted by Margaret Svoboda and Trina Stillwagon

First Meeting/Contact at location: Monroe County Animal Control: Thurday, 5-5-11

Summary: General Assessment and Evaluations

Monroe, approximately 2 plus years old, brindle and white, intact male weighing approximately 60 lbs. Body condition was quite good except for the fact that he was somewhat overweight. There were no visible fresh abrasions/wounds or old scarring evident anywhere on him.

He appeared stressed but very happy and excited at meeting me. He was accepting and tolerant of petting and stroking. Took treats and accepted my hand in his food bowl even eating kibble and canned food from my hand. He exhibited medium, low-wagging tail, relaxed ears. I was able to clean/handle his ears, opening his mouth, holding his paws and tail. No reaction to physical handling or administration of vaccines and anti-parisitics. He had no reactivity to the three other dogs. He was very eager to get the personal attention. Monroe appears to be a well-balanced dog.

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Educational documents submitted as evidence (Matrix used by evaluators throughout process).

A. Traits and Characteristic: Pit Bull and Pit Bull Type Dogs

B. Evaluation Matrix: Four Categories for Measuring Dog Tolerance Levels

May 6th, 2011 - This day was our first "official" round of evaluations (temperament testing: food tests).

Evaluations by Trina Stillwagon, General Manager, MSPCA. Assisted by Lauren Mosher.

Location: MCAC - Common outside area: Friday, 5-6-11

Initial/Intake Assessment and Evaluation Notations by Trina Stillwagon, General Manager, MSPCA.
Monroe DOB: 1-1.5 yoa
Pit Bull (APBT-X) Sex: M - In
ID/License #:
01 Color/Markings: Brindle & White
Trina Stillwagon
Lauren Mosher

Summary of Initial Assessment and Evaluation: Appropriate behavior/responses. Overall appears to be a very friendly, happy, affectionate, very attention-seeking dog. Exhibited no cowering, fearfulness, resentment (people/dog). No aggression, timidness, hand-shyness, guarding, etc. Accepts/tolerates all handling, examination, petting, and touching easily/readily – solicits more/ any attention. No agitation/reactiveness toward other dogs (kennel mates). Extremely people pleasing, people-focused, and affectionate. Good responses/attentiveness to praise/encouragement and redirection/correction. Overall disposition/temperament appears sound – tolerant – balanced and responsive.

Notations/Recommendations: Monroe exhibits Tolerance Level 1 (primary) – possible 2 dog tolerance traits (as confidence builds possible, but no exhibition of). Highly social, friendly, interactive, attentive, and affectionate dog. Very well balanced/responsive – accepts all correction/redirection. Tolerant and accepting of people/new situations. Little to no interest in other dogs/non-reactive. Start/continue leadership/good manners on lead training, social interaction, and daily exercise routine. Recommend foster home placement with experienced handler - asap. Follow-up evaluation in two-four weeks plus continue as needed/appropriate. Good candidate for adoption with proper placement/experienced adopter (no young children at this time/until further evaluation).
*Note: Portions of this test performed in rain – all testing completed outside in common area with constant presence of other dogs.

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May 9th, 2011 - This is the day Monroe SPCA and Buster Foundation discover Monroe and Reilly severly injured, according to MCAC personnel, after we left on Friday, 5-6-11. MCAC did not provide treatment or veterinary care to either of the injured dogs as required by Michigan law. Dusty and Razzle were not injured.

Summary by Margaret Svoboda, Director, Buster Foundation.

Location: MCAC - 5-9-11

Notes on Monroe: Monroe looks horrible! His whole head is swollen. He has puss coming out of his nose, ears, eyes and mouth. He smells like rotting meat and feces. He walks with his head down and you can see that he is in a great deal of pain. He has large puncture wounds in his ears deep scratches all over his head, neck and chest. The entire top of his head is infected His whole body is covered in some sort of sticky black substance almost like septic water. Lauren and the other girls had to go to the store to buy water to clean Monroe and Reilly up because, I was told that, Monroe County Animal Control Shelter would not allow us access to water. Trina told me that a Veterinarian had come and examined Reilly and Monroe and had given Monroe a steroid injection for his swelling and then prescribed antibiotics and then left. We give Monroe his first dose of antibiotics which is challenging because Monroe refuses food. While we begin to clean Monroe he lays his head in Lauren's lap. Despite the severe pain that Monroe is in he never once growls or snarls or tries to get away. After we are done we take him back to his cage and have him lay down on a blanket and put another blanket on top of him. We put an ice pack under his chin. He drinks some water and just lays there shaking in pain.


May 19th, 2011 - This was our follow-up evaluation (temperament testing).

Evaluations by Trina Stillwagon, General Manager, MSPCA. Assisted by Margaret Svoboda.

Location: Training Center: Indoor/outdoor: Friday, 5-19-11

Follow-up Assessment and Evaluation Notations
Name: Monroe DOB: 1-1.5 yoa
Breed: PB (APBT-X) Sex: M - In
ID/License #: 11-0481 (01) Color/Markings: Brindle - White
Evaluator/Tester: Trina Stillwagon
Assisting: Margaret Svoboda

Summary of Follow-up Assessment and Evaluation: Extremely affectionate and people pleasing,
quick/eager to please, somewhat active, very social w/people. Adjusts well to new situations – well
balanced – very responsive to human leadership. Accepts all correction/redirection. Mild interest in other
dogs – some arousal noted w/approaching dog (close proximity). No other remarkable changes noted.

Notations/Recommendations:Monroe exhibits as a Level 1 (primary) dog-social dog traits w/some Level
2 traits noted (dog tolerant traits). Very adoptable. Recommend immediate placement in foster home
(asap). Continue training, social interaction and daily exercise routines (emphasis on good manners and
appropriate play, esp. "release, leave-it, off") and proper placement/appropriate match with experienced
owner/adopter. Adoption Readiness Category 2, adoption placement restriction recommendations at this
time – no children under 12 – single dog placement only – emphasis on continue good manners training
and socialization with other dogs. Expect restrictions to change.

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June 27th, 2011 - The Prosecution's "Expert" evaluator, Dr. Katherine Houpt, DVM, PhD arrived at the Monroe Co. Animal Control to evaluate the 4 dogs. These are the videos of her FAILING assessment of Monroe. 

Actual notes from Dr. Houpt's written assessment are as follows:

Dog  207 in cage 44 brindle and white male Monroe

wiggle at approach  yawn at [and] liplick at stare  yawn at squat

bit hand  no interest in food or witch. Bit doll

bit at throat of both male and female dogs

The results of the testing indicates that the following animals: the two males Monroe 207 Reilly 212 that both demonstrated aggression to other dogs and one female Dusty 206 who snarled at the doll should be humanely euthanized because of their lack of any useful purpose and the public safety threat the pose." MCL 750.49(18) aggressive whereas Dog 210 Razzle --- may be safe

Katherine Albro Houpt VMD PhD
Professor emeritus
Cornell University

Monroe 1 (Houpt Test Points 1, 2, 3)

Intimidating, eye contact - standing, eye-level, crouching 1 min each


Monroe 2 (Test Points 5-8)

Hand test, Food test, Doll/Child test


Monroe 3 (Test Point 9)

Witch/Stranger Test

Monroe 4 (Sparring and Teasing, Apparently substituted for test point 4, which was never performed. Test point 4 should have been "A strange dog led past the kennel.")

Monroe 5 (Sparring and Teasing with female dog, same as above.)


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